Are you working on a blockchain related project, and looking to develop an offer on Security tokens with renowned market participants?

The CAST CHALLENGE aims at offering open-source solutions for Security Tokens markets’ stakeholders compatible with the CAST Framework. It seeks to respond to existing problems met by financial institutions, most notably investors, to find efficient ways for the use of Distributed Ledger Technology and Security Tokens at bank-grade level.

The CAST (Compliant Architecture for Security Tokens) Framework is a new market standard and open source set of computer code components designed for the issuance, custody and trades of securities on a blockchain. It has been trialed and approved in substantial issuances made for years by systemic regulated institutions (banks, supranationals, brokers, etc.). The CAST CHALLENGE is the first fully online digital event related to the CAST Framework.

Create standardized open-source computer code components compatible with the CAST Framework. Get the opportunity to participate in real transactions of Security Tokens with international institutions.

Learn more about CAST Framework on : https://www.cast-framework.com


The CAST Challenge is a very unique initiative for startups and companies working on blockchain related issues.
Besides the prize pool, you will have the chance to:

Discover new market opportunities in finance

Collaborate with major industry leaders

Optimise your solution tackling real-business issues

Showcase your solution to gain market visibility

Work hand in hand with like-minded professionals to really make the difference

Gain insight on your team skills and work from a professional jury


Challenge 1

Universal Security Token Structuration Standard

Based on existing local standards (ERC-20, FA1.2, etc.), definition of common taxonomy, set properties, and basic functions (or methods) to deploy and operate a security token the same way whatever the underlying protocol. Including unified product identifiers compatible with existing financial instrument identifiers such as the ISIN code.

Challenge 2

Universal Settlement Coin with native atomic settlement mechanism

Settlement coin that can be minted on distinct protocols to improve liquidity and manage supply across various DLT protocols. Allowing atomic settlement with Universal Security Tokens developed under the Universal Security Tokens Structuration Standard.

Challenge 3

Multi-Chain Security Token Reporter

Making a “visual” reporter displaying the entire Security Tokens’ lifecycle (pre-trade, trade, post-trade), such as token balance, business and technical transactions to facilitate trade booking and monitoring. Generating statements that can be downloaded and shared.

Challenge 4

Multi-Chain SWIFT Connectivity

Connectivity tool between blockchain-based transactions and the SWIFT processing system.

Challenge 5

Multi-Chain Data Feed

Tools feeding specific data onto the blockchain e.g. ECB TARGET 2 calendar, security price, off-chain currencies exchange rates, value of a market index, standard interest rates, agency ratings, or specific data under pre-approved events such as confirmation of off-chain payment, reception of prices/offers, events of default, covenants, etc.

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Your project will be evaluted by jury members from



Up to €150K of prize reward for startups and the opportunity for each winner to participate in real transactions of Security Tokens with international institutions

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